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25/06/2018 – Venezuela Al Dia. / Freelee, una ‘youtuber’ australiana de Queensland que promueve ideas veganas, ha ahorrado miles de dólares en tratamientos de belleza durante el año que ha vivido “fuera de radares” en la selva suramericana, informa el diario Daily Mail.

La bloguera vegana, de 37 años, ha huido de la “civilización occidental” con su pareja para librarse de “la vida de esclava” que llevaba trabajando cinco días a la semana.

In my eyes you are successful in life when you have the courage to embrace who you really are, however strange or peculiar that may be. Regardless of whether it fits with societies expectations or cultural norms. Growing up I often said the wrong things, didn’t have the right clothing, or the right look, and was laughed at or excluded for being “a bit weird”. I never felt fully accepted. Over time I learned to keep my “uncool” thoughts to myself and adapt my appearance so others would feel comfortable being around me. This only left me feeling internally suppressed and frustrated, (certainly not free) until one day when I reached my threshold and thought – ahh fuuuck it, this is boring! And this isn’t me! – From then on I decided to just let the TRUE me flow, to be my rawself, to act impulsively, to own that embarrassed look from others and to be the awkward freak I’m born to be. 😅The result? Goodbye fake friendships, hello soul mates ☀️#gofreeyourself

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“Quería inspirarme y sentir algo significativo todos los días”, relató Freelee.

Ahora, la mujer pasa la mayoría de su día desnuda, “libre de ropa que restringe”, come frutas y verduras que cuida ella misma, se ducha en las lluvias monzónicas y bebe de riachuelos de la selva.

El “chiste mundial” de Pastrana a Maduro sobre su supuesta nacionalidad La australiana publica sus fotos en Instagram y videos en YouTube, en las que aparece desnuda o cubriéndose con ropa hecha de materiales orgánicos como cáscaras de coco.

So how do ya like ma coconuts? 😸…I just love seeing my DIY coconut bowl collection growing 😍It feels really empowering to make things myself rather than pay others. You might think “Oh I could never learn to do that, I’m just not good at that stuff” and that’s where you are wrong. I grew up without a shred of do-it-yourself experience, I was taught by this consumerist society that it’s better to just buy something rather than attempt to create it yourself. Sure, it may be quicker and easier but where is the personal satisfaction in that? Everytime I use the bowls I feel a sense of purpose and pride. You try, make mistakes (eg. hole in bottom of one bowl) but you learn and become more skilled, confident and powerful each time. Save money and become a stronger, freer woman with each project. 💪 Remember – If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you, if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. #gofreeyourself

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“¿Que si ahora voy a estar desnuda en cada fotografía? , desnuda en la jungla. Libre de ropa, etiquetas, zapatos, maquillaje y depilación. Simplemente, uno se siente bien”, escribe la mujer bajo las fotos.

I used to work in a concrete jungle, now I just work in the jungle.🐒 How did this happen? Well, I woke up one morning dreading the work day ahead. I was exhausted with the 9-5 grind. Waking to an alarm, commuting over a hour a day dressed in a restrictive suit, painting my face to ‘look the part’, binding my feet in high heels, and faking a smile to the public. I was sick of working my life away making someone else rich. Maybe the worst, I was bored. I wanted to be turned on and to FEEL something meaningful everyday. That morning I decided to free myself from being a slave. There wasn’t any social media back then so I transitioned by becoming a personal trainer with my own business. Soon after I found veganism and my true passion in life.🤝 Don’t be afraid, you CAN create this too. One day I will do a video on it. #gofreeyourself #jungleoffice

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Según Daily Mail, la australiana se ha ahorrado unos 4.000 dólares en un año en cosméticos y en procedimientos estéticos como teñido del cabello y pestañas postizas, así como en cuchillas de afeitar.

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