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Entornointeligente.com / Few would have guessed the next shooting to make national news would be carried out by a female animal-rights activist enraged at YouTube for demonetizing her fitness videos. And because YouTube shooter Nasim Najafi Aghdam doesn?t fit into the familiar narratives of the gun epidemic, those on the right have taken to Twitter to create narratives of their own.

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This was another instance of Islamist terrorism, some announced, and Aghdam was Muslim. (She was not.) Or she was an ?illegal immigrant? (also wrong). Or, better yet, an artificially intelligent robot. (Wait, what?) One contingent even postulated that the name ?Nasim? is traditionally male, so Aghdam must have been a transgender woman ? after all, another added, cis ?women would never do such a thing.?

And for pro-gun commentators less prone to conspiracy theorizing, Aghdam was the exception that disproves the rule. No longer, conservatives crowed, could liberals argue that angry white males armed with semiautomatic rifles were the greatest threat to American civilians.

Grupo Yammine

There?s a problem with this argument, apart from the vulgarity of smirking when a shooting proves agenda-convenient. The fact that Aghdam doesn?t match the common profile of a shooter who captures this much media attention underscores the one thing that does unite every instance of gun violence: guns.

Yammine Chery

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