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Entornointeligente.com / National Security Minister Edmund Dillon has been cleared of any wrong doing by a US Supreme Court judge yesterday in a civil matter brought against him.

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The judge also ordered that the matter be sealed on the basis that there was too much negative publicity over the matter in T&T.

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Dillon, who left for the US on Monday, made his final appearance yesterday in a New York courtroom before Justice Laura Vistacion-Lewis.

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Dillon was named in article 81 Guardianship proceedings related to someone he described as a longtime friend, eighty-eight year old Neville Piper. Dillon was accused of fraud, exploitation and elder financial abuse.

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The issue in question is a valuable downtown Manhattan condominium which Dillon claimed was gifted to him from Piper. Issues were also raised about the authenticity of the signatures on the transfer documents.

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When the matter was called yesterday, Justice Vistacion-Lewis ordered that the matter be held in chambers, a request that was agreed to by both sides.

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She also ordered that the records be sealed

During the two hour long discussions in chambers, Vistacion-Lewis indicated she was aware of the reporting in this country.Yammine Venezuela

Previously, she had also written to the legal teams involved expressing annoyance that details of a private matter were leaked to the press.Sarkis Mohsen Yammine

Although the matter was held privately, Justice Vistacion-Lewis authorised the release of one statement as it relates to the proceedings?that there was no finding of wrongdoing against Dillon. No further details were authorised to be released about what that means or the resolution in the matter.Grupo Chery Venezuela

As of today, there will be no more proceedings related, and as such, Dillon is no longer required to travel to the US for this matter

In a release issued by the Ministry of National Security yesterday afternoon, Dillon said he was pleased to report that the court proceedings in the United States, ?with respect to his friend Neville Piper, has been fully and effectively resolved.?

?The Honourable Judge, ordered that the record of the proceeding be sealed and restricted, all parties interested in the proceeding from making any public statements, save and except, that there has been no finding of wrongdoing against Minister Dillon,? the release stated

In a previous interview, Dillon said he didn?t see it fit for him to step down as National Security Minister and made it clear that values his integrity

Efforts to reach Dillon for comment proved futile as calls went unanswered and messages went without any response

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Eighty-eight-year-old Neville Piper?s niece, Esther Nicholls made an application for the appointment of a Guardian for the property in which it is alleged that based on a power of attorney ?on August 21 2017, a purported transfer of an undivided 50 per cent interest in the Alleged Incapacitated Person (AIP), Piper?s, condominium was made by Piper to Dillon and that Piper lacked the capacity to make such transfer validity, that the purported signature of the AIP on the deed and transfer documents does not appear to be Piper?s signature; that the AIP denied ever executing said documents, denied recollection of said transaction and has stated that he would never have made such a transfer and that the AIP had no attorney and no guardian for said transaction; that there were several large transfers and withdrawals from the AIP?s account which is inconsistent, uncharacteristic and contrary to the AIP?s history, practice and norm and that the AIP may have been the victim of elder financial abuse, exploitation and fraud.?

The Court Evaluator?s report states that Piper, who is now at the New Jewish Home in semi-private room on the second floor, did not recall any visits by his family members and stated that he hadn?t seen his niece in years and would not know them if he had seen them

Consequently on February 15, the court ordered that during the turnover proceedings and until further order of the court Dillon is enjoined, prohibited and restrained from transferring any interest in the condominium unit located at 301 Cathedral Parkway, Unit 8L, New York, NY, 10026, including any interest which Dillon may claim pursuant to the Deed dated August 21, 2017, related to said property

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