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Burnt: Devon Thomas — another in a separate incident remanded to prison

THE wife of Devon Thomas has surrendered to police in the company of attorney, Mursaline Bacchus, after being on the run for dousing her husband with hot oil.

The woman who committed the act on the New Amsterdam Technical Institute Lecturer visited the Central Police Station, in New Amsterdam, Berbice and was placed on $50,000 bail, pending advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Thomas has been discharged from the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was treated for burns to his upper torso and face. Although the physical wounds are healing, Thomas said the psychological and emotional wounds which cannot be seen, are yet to heal.

Three days before the incident, Thomas had divorce papers served on his wife due to irreconcilable differences. During their four-year marriage, she travelled overseas on three occasions, spending over four months on each occasion.

On the fateful day, Thomas, 38, had just exited the bathroom with his bath towel wrapped around his lower body when his wife approached him with the pan of hot oil and threw it on him.

Earlier, he had seen her put the pan on the stove but thought she was preparing to cook a meal.

Thomas explained that he married the divorcee four years ago but, last month, he discovered that his wife was having an intimate relationship with a friend.

Initially, he refused to believe the rumours but things changed when he saw text messages from her phone confirming the acts of infidelity.

As a result, he informed her that the relationship cannot continue and proceeded to legally terminate the marriage. He also asked her to leave the home.

But the woman did not move. Instead, she begged for forgiveness. Just after 07:00 hours on Thursday morning, she burnt him before going into hiding.

The injured man was taken to the nearby New Amsterdam Regional Hospital where he was admitted.

Meanwhile, on January 9 last, Danny Vannooten, 50, called “Danavan”,  of Leopold Street, Georgetown, had to be rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital after hot oil was thrown on him, allegedly by his partner,  Latoya Angel.

Angel has been since remanded to prison and is facing an indictable charge of attempted murder.

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