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Dear Editor, PLEASE permit me a space in your newspaper to respond to a statement made by Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, during his press conference on July 15, 2019, where Mr. Jagdeo stated “I believe Lowenfield is compromised and that he is taking instructions from the PNC.”

Editor if you may allow me to edify the nation and Mr. Jagdeo that GECOM is a constitutional autonomous body and is being governed by a board which comprises of a Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer, three commissioners from the APNU+AFC and three from the PPP/C; from both sides of the government and the opposition. The Chief Elections Officer, Mr. Keith Lowenfield, can act on instructions given from the constitutional board which includes the chairperson.

As things currently stand as of today’s date, President David Granger and Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, met to discuss nominees for the Chairmanship of GECOM and four names were settled on. Two more are needed for the submission of a list of six by Jagdeo to President Granger. There is currently no chairman in place because after CCJ ruled, the President and opposition leader have to find consensus on the way forward of naming the chairperson.

I really do not understand how Mr. Jadgeo can make such allegations about Mr. Lowenfield, when the truth is Mr. Lowenfield can only take instructions for the duly constituted body with a chairman at its helm. Mr. Jadgeo in my opinion has one main aim, to spread false propaganda and is also trying to cause mischief in GECOM.

Our politicians need to resist and desist from disseminating false information to the Guyanese nation to create confusion and ill will against public officers. Moreover, please allow me to reiterate and remind the public that the last evidence of rigging in Guyana for elections was done by former Chief Elections Officer, Gocool Boodhoo, in 2006 and 2011 when Commissioner for the PNC/R Mr. Vincent Alexander’s vigilance thwarted his efforts.

So my question now is who was Mr. Gocool Boodhoo being directed or instructed by in 2006 and 2011? Regards Ceion Rollox

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