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  Former technology minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, has made a return to meetings of the parliamentary committee examining the Data Protection Bill following a long absence in the wake of his resignation from the Cabinet.   Dr. Wheatley was chairman of the committee at the time he resigned in July last year amid corruption allegations in several entities under his portfolio.   On Thursday, he apologised for his absence from the meetings explaining that he had been misinformed and so thought he had been removed from the committee.    “It was only Sunday of this week that a member of this committee brought to my attention that I’m still a member of this committee. I then requested from the clerk a confirmation if I’m still a member of this committee and it was so confirmed. And so, I want it to be recorded that I was not intentionally absent as is being recorded over the last couple of meetings,” he told the committee.     Dr. Wheatley was forced to resign amid corruption scandals at Petrojam and National Energy Solutions (NESol).  



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