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A Palindrome Day happens when a date can be read the same way backward and forwards . This way, the dates are similar to word palindromes because they are symmetrical , for example, you can read the word ” Bob ” can be read both ways.

This year, the dates between September 10 and September 19 are considered as Palindrome Week !

For many, Palindrome Week  has a mystic significance. Palindrome Week is said to bring ” immense and significant change , when major transformation occurs.”

        View this post on Instagram                   For those who use the format m/dd/yy, today is the start of 10 consecutive days where all dates read the same forward as they do backward, known as “Palindrome Days”. This phase is known to bring immense and significant change, when major transformation occurs. Overall, it is the optimum period for clearing out all old karmic energy and starting over refreshed, energised and anew. 9-10-19 (91019) 9-11-19 (91119) 9-12-19 (91219) 9-13-19 (91319) 9-14-19 (91419) 9-15-19 (91519) 9-16-19 (91619) 9-17-19 (91719) 9-18-19 (91819) 9-19-19 (91919)

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Moreover, this Palindrome Week will be the last of the century.

This is the 2019 Palindrome Week :

9-10-19 9-11-19 9-12-19 9-13-19 9-14-19 9-15-19 9-16-19 9-17-19 9-18-19 9-19-19

Palindrome dates are rare

According to Aziz S. Inan , a professor at the University of Portland , depending on date formats , palindromic dates can be rare. He has calculated that in the mm-dd-yyyy format, Palindrome Days tend to occur only in the first few centuries of each millennium (1000 years).

According to Inan , there are 12 Palindrome Days in the 21st century in the mm-dd-yyyy format. The first one was on October 2, 2001 (10-02-2001) and the last one will be on September 2, 2090 (09-02-2090).

In the dd-mm-yyyy format, there are 29 Palindrome Days in the current century. The first was 10 February 2001 (10-02-2001). The last is a special one, a leap day: 29 February 2092 (29-02-2092) will be the last Palindrome Day of the 21st century.

According to Hugo Dixon , a business journalist, “The beauty of these numbers is in the eye of the beholder. There can be no consensus over what constitutes a date that has numerological significance .”  

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