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Entornointeligente.com / News day / THE EDITOR: I must thank the athletes who continue to represent our country despite the many challenges they face.

Congrats to those who fought the good fight at the Carifa Games over the weekend and brought home medals.

A special thanks to Avindale Smith, Tyriq Horsford and Shaqniqua Bascombe for their incredible efforts.

Each time I view these games I observe that Jamaica keeps getting better in almost every discipline. It is visible with multiple athletes in every discipline possible.

When are we going to get it right? Time and time again our athletes will speak out for greater support. When will we begin to create a system where their abilities can be improved at an earlier age?

We have a Sport Ministry but what purpose does it serve? Is the sole purpose of the ministry’s officials to be present for photo-ops after our athletes have worked hard with little to no help?

It is quite noticeable that we have a great amount of young, talented athletes but a lot more needs to be done for them. It is time for us to rid ourselves of the obsolete mentality. We cannot expect high expectations when we are not doing much for the athletes.

Please, let’s get this right. TT must take pattern from our neighbour islands. Introduce a system to better our athletes. There must be more action and less lip service.


We must do more to help athletes

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