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Entornointeligente.com / Waldrum fired as TT women coach / News day / Waldrum disclosed his removal. as coach in a letter to the website,. in which he admitted hurt. that his four-year plan for the. team will not materialise.

He wrote, “I was notified (yesterday). morning by the president. (of the TT Football Association. David John-Williams) of his decision. to not retain me moving. forward. It’s very disappointing. personally, as I had a four-year. plan to continue the growth and. development of women’s football. for the next cycle building on all. we accomplished during the last. World Cup qualifiers.

“I have volunteered my time. and was willing to continue to do. so in order to see the players get. the opportunity they so dearly. deserve,” he added.

“Since this decision (yesterday),. I have been reflecting on. some of the great strides this. team made over the past year. In. spite of all that was not given to. us to compete and prepare properly,. this group of young women. showed heart and character that. not many teams have.”. Waldrum led the team during. their ill-fated 2015 FIFA Women’s. World Cup qualifiers – which. ended with a 1-0 loss at home to. Ecuador on December 2 2014,. as well as last month’s friendly. international against the United. States. “I want to take this time. to personally thank all the people. of Trinidad and Tobago for your. unwavering support of me and. (son, and assistant coach) Ben.

We both fell in love with your. country and you took us in with. open arms, and for that I am so. appreciative.”. He also expressed his gratitude. to John-Williams predecessor. Raymond Tim Kee and former. TT FA general secretary Sheldon. Phillips “for the opportunity they. presented me with. I think they. saw the vision of where we could. go with women’s football, so a. sincere thank you to both.”. He continued, “I want to thank. the staff there in Trinidad and. Tobago that I worked alongside,. and to the staff here in the States. that helped us in trying to reach. our goals.

“To the players who have given. both Ben and I a lifetime of great. memories, I thank you the most.

We all went through some difficult. times, but in spite of it all. you guys remained committed to. the dream of qualifying for a major. tournament, and growing the. women’s game. I’m so proud of. each and every one of you, and I. hope you all continue to grow the. game in some way there in Trinidad. and Tobago.”.

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