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Vital addressing the UWP “Billion Dollar” meeting

Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party, Kent Vital, has said that in order for the economy and justice in Dominica to be restored, citizens need to be united.

Vital was providing the context for his decision to address the UWP “Billion Dollar” meeting which was held in Roseau recently.

“We need to restore our country, but the way we need to do it is through unity and I will not subject myself to hate anyone what so ever…the Freedom Party is an independent party and we will continue to  be an independent party fighting for Dominica…we will work with anyone who wants to fight for righteousness, anyone who wants to fight for truth, anyone who wants to fight for the people of Dominica…we will work with them,” Vital told the large gathering of UWP supporters and other concerned Dominicans.

He listed some of his concerns with regard to what is happening in the country.

“We have to restore justice in our land. Our police force must practice impartiality; they must not attack the people; they must not favor a particular political party. Our court system must uphold our justice in our land….we have to restore freedom, we have to push and continue to demand free and fair elections,” Vital told the crowd. “…We have to restore our country’s economy… we have to restore dignity in our country… we have to ensure that our farmers can be independent once again… we have to ensure that we promote our people to be entrepreneurs.”

The DFP leader also pointed to unemployment and high poverty as major issues which he believes have been caused by the leadership of the prime minister.

“All for each and each for all,” he stressed, referring to the final words of the Dominica National Anthem which he read in full. “That is the very embodiment of the name of Dominica, a country that supposed to be for all of us, a country where we are supposed to care not just about ourselves but we are supposed to care about those who help us to be successful.”

Vital lamented what he described as Dominica’s descent into an abyss under the stewardship of Prime Minister Skerrit.

“There is high poverty…there is high unemployment; our youth are not encouraged,,,,Our economy is weak and even in their attempt to develop the economy, they don’t seem to understand that it takes a lot of good strategy and good thinking,” he remarked. “We depend on the sales of passports, what’s going to happen when that’s going to go away? … it will go away because of the corrupt management of the program.”

He said selling passports to crooks, criminals and unsavory characters can hurt other countries and the interest of the Europeans and cause them to withdraw visa-free access for those with Dominican passports.

Vital said this is an important time in Dominica for all citizens to come together and fight for the country’s development as one people.

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