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On 2021, Mexico will mark the 500 anniversary of the Spanish conquest; 700 years of the creation of the city MexicoTenochtitlan, and two centuries of its independence. 

Mexico‘s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador asked the Vatican for an apology over the Catholic church’s participation in the conquest of the country and the repression of its Indigenous people.

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In a letter delivered to Pope Francis on Saturday by Obrador‘s wife, Beatriz Gutierrez, AMLO points out that On 2021, Mexico will mark the 500 anniversary of the Spanish conquest; 700 years of the creation of the city MexicoTenochtitlan, and two centuries of its independence.

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“The Catholic Church, the Spanish Monarchy, and the Mexican State must offer a public apology to the Indigenous peoples who suffered the most shameful atrocities from the Conquest in 1521 to the recent past,” Obrador explained.

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Se entrevistó Beatriz con el papa Francisco, a quien respeto y admiro como dirigente religioso y jefe de Estado. Me comentó que la trató con afecto y expresó su voluntad de mantener buenas relaciones por el bien del pueblo. Aquí la carta que le escribí:

— Andrés Manuel (@lopezobrador_) October 10, 2020 “Beatriz met with Pope Francis, whom I respect and admire as a religious leader and head of state. He told me that he treated her with affection and expressed his willingness to maintain good relations for the good of the people.”

“They deserve not just that generous attitude on our part but also a sincere commitment that never again will disrespectful acts be committed against their beliefs and cultures,” the president added

AMLO also requested the Vatican codices, documents, and ancient objects of Mexico´s history to be exhibited in 2021. The president asked for a one-year loan of a series of documents including Tenochtitlan maps, which are guarded in the Vatican library

Although the Vatican has not responded yet, on other occasions it has lent antiques, documents, and works of art at the request of several governments

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