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Carisa Lee

When Ri­da Haidar left Venezuela and mi­grat­ed to this coun­try with his two sons, he planned on do­ing what­ev­er he had to, to give them the best life pos­si­ble, no mat­ter the sac­ri­fices.

“I work con­struc­tion I nev­er work con­struc­tion in Venezuela, I kill chick­en, I broomed the street,” Haidar said with tears in his eyes.

“You have to like run from there to come here, it’s not a choice, you can’t do any­thing there, it have no help no food,” Haidar’s sis­ter Lis­mar Ve­lasquez added.

It was a plan that was com­ing to­geth­er as Haidar told Guardian Me­dia his fam­i­ly was hap­pi­ly build­ing a life here. But just as the dust set­tled for Haidar’s fam­i­ly, his 14-year-old son got ill.

“Geroge start to get sick two-three months now and he drink an­tibi­otics and it doesn’t fix noth­ing,” Haidar said.

Geroge’s rel­a­tives took the teenag­er to the San Fer­nan­do Gen­er­al where he did a biop­sy. The re­sult showed that the teenag­er had Hodgkin lym­phoma, a type of lym­phoma in which can­cer orig­i­nates from spe­cif­ic white blood cells called lym­pho­cytes.

Symp­toms may in­clude fever, night sweats, and weight loss.

Of­ten there will be non-painful en­larged lymph nodes in the neck, un­der the arm, or in the groin.

“He’s re­al sad and doesn’t like to eat and he has fever all the time,” Ve­lasquez said.

George’s rel­a­tives told Guardian Me­dia that since his di­ag­no­sis the teen has not been the same. With tears in his eyes, the fa­ther de­scribed his teenage son as some­one who is al­ways hap­py.

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