Vendors: People asking for scratch bombs - EntornoInteligente / The trinidad Guardian / Chaguanas vendors say consumers are asking for scratch bombs and other illegal fire explosions despite negative media reports and the items being against the law.

Yesterday, stalls and vendors selling firework devices saw very little sales as they said many people have shied away from purchasing this year.

“We haven’t had the usual sales,” said vendor Radhica Mohammed.

“With all the negativity that surrounds the firework industry currently it definitely has taken an effect on sales. However, the sale of fireworks is not illegal. It’s family fun, it brings communities and people together for happiness,” she said.

She added that many of the vendors did not sell the illegal items.

“We don’t deal in stuff like scratch bombs which come through an illegal channel just like guns on the streets,” Mohammed said.

“I think more focus should be placed on to the criminal activity and level of murder rate in the country than on families having healthy fun and definitely, it is an industry that will affect an enormous amount of citizens who make a daily living by selling fireworks.

“I mean legally we have licences, we are all equipped and we sell consumer-friendly fireworks.”

Mohammed, who has been legally selling fireworks for the past 20 years, said the items were for innocent fun.

Another vendor, Usha Persad said this year’s sales had been particularly slow.

“We were busy last year. We are still selling some of the fireworks with nice effects for $75 and up, but the big ones for $600 are not selling this year despite sales and specials like buy one get one free and discounts.”

Vendors: People asking for scratch bombs

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