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Uptown Fascinators Steel Orchestra unseated defending champions TT Defence Force on Friday night at the Queen’s Park Savannah in the 2020 National Panorama competition for small bands.

The Tobago-based orchestra wowed the judges with their musical magic during their performance of Winston Soso’s I Don’t Mind by arranger Ojay Richards.

Playing in position ten, Uptown Fascinators came on stage with brimming confidence, which they sustained during their seven minutes and twenty-six seconds performance.

Members of Genesis Pan Groove during their performance at the National Panorama Small Bands Final, on Friday, at the Queen’s Park Savannah. Port of Spain. – Angelo Marcelle

Genesis Pan Groove, which topped the semifinals, with Arddin Herbert’s arrangement of Sparrow’s Doh Back Back, came in third.

The defending champions’ performance of Duvone Stewart’s arrangement of Gabby’s Boots earned them second place.

The final was not witnessed by many paying patrons, some of whom said it was an improvement by the organisers.

Defending champs TT Defence Force during the National Panorama Small Bands Final, on Friday, at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain. – Angelo Marcelle

Results from Friday night’s competition:

1 Uptown Fascinators I Don’t Mind 285

2 TT Defence Force Boots 282

3 Genesis Pan Groove Doh Back Back 281

4 T&TEC New East Side Dimension Savannah Grass 277

5 West Side Symphony Smile 272

6 Golden Hands Oil and Music 271

6 Highlanders Surrender 271

6 Fascinators Pan Symphony Trouble in the Morning 271

9 Roadblock Savannah Grass 270

10 Havard Harps Mystery Band 267

11 C&B Crown Cordaans Thunder 266

11 La Horquetta Pan Groove Trouble in the Morning 266

13 Tobago Pan-Thers Trouble in the Morning 265

13 Arima Golden Symphony Madness 265


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