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THE EDITOR: Permit me to give my analysis on the latest announcements by the Prime Minister at the post-Cabinet briefing on Thursday.

It appears that Dr Rowley lectured the media very strongly and I would not be surprised if some reporters felt they were being attacked.

The PM said he was unaware of the issues surrounding former minister Marlene McDonald as he was a backbencher from 2008 to 2010 and post-2010 he was in opposition.

So if that was the case then when he declared, after being fired by PM Manning, that the then PNM government was the most corrupt in history, what was he referring to?

Another issue that must be raised is that Rowley accused journalists, generally as he was careful to point out and not targeted to any particular person, of receiving questions to ask him from his political opponents in the UNC. How does the PM know this occurs? It was a very strange accusation to make. And on what basis was it said?

However, I must concur with Rowley on one main point — that of our country is finally turning a corner regarding white-collar crime. Kudos must be given to the police and the commissioner for this step in the right direction.

White-collar crime in TT has long gone unpunished and we can only hope, for the sake of our country, that, whether McDonald is guilty or not, this high-profile case, maybe to be followed by more cases, will act as a deterrent for anyone managing public funds.


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