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TUNIS, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) — Tunisia entered a phase of “electoral silence” by midnight on Saturday under regulatory measures taken by Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE), a statement by ISIE said.

ISIE Vice President Farouk Bouasker said that the measures essentially prohibit all activities of election propaganda, such as meetings and rallies near polling stations, according to the statement.

Names and photos of the presidential candidates in the posters and leaflets for the legislative elections are also forbidden.

The ISIE official added that the authority coordinated with the judicial police and the prosecutor’s office to deal with any violation of the electoral silence.

More than 7 million registered voters in Tunisia are expected to go to the polls on Sunday for the presidential election.

The ISIE announced on Friday night that it has taken regulatory measures to prevent overruns and violations of the electoral silence coincided with the start of the electoral campaign of the legislative elections on Oct. 6.



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