TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: US$10,000 grants under project - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / THE United States Embassy in Port of Spain is seeking to promote human rights, civilian security, youth outreach, entrepreneurship and good governance. The embassy has invited organisations to submit grant proposals to fund the projects. The project, according to the US Embassy website, will further people-to-people and institutional ties between the United States and Trinidad and Tobago. The embassy stated that each project must contribute to societal and/or institutional growth in Trinidad and Tobago. The small grants programme is based on partnership, not sponsorship or branding opportunities. Submission of grant proposals can be made through the embassy’s Public Affairs Small Grants Program. Deadline for grants under the Small Grants Program is January 15, 2017. Successful proposals must include the use of an American individual or programme of clearly identified American origin, an outreach plan to communicate with the general public including press, social media, school visits and public presentations and a detailed and feasible monitoring and evaluation plan. The embassy stated that proposals should support one of three goals-governance and human rights, citizen security or economic growth. The maximum amount per award for each proposal is US$10,000.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: US$10,000 grants under project

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