TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: TEARS FOR KRISTON - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / A Sangre Grande family is in mourning after an early-morning fire yesterday resulted in the death of a six-year-old boy who was disabled. Kriston Meyers was diagnosed with spina bifida, a spinal disorder, at birth. He was also autistic. According to his mother, Latoya Meyers, young Kriston was asleep with his four other siblings, Chelsea, nine; Christopher, eight; Kadel, two; and Amelia, one, at their Moolchan Street, Guaico Tamana, Sangre Grande, home when the fire began at about 3.15 a.m. yesterday. “Everyone was sleeping in the house, but a strong scent woke me up. I was smelling something like a sponge burning and hearing this ‘Pax! Pax! Pax!’ noise like things popping. “So I got up and went to check on it and when I went outside, I saw smoke. So I raised an alarm and scream for everyone to get up, and I went immediately for the baby and got her out the house. “Once she was safe, I run back inside and realise that the other children were taking long, so I began to hustle them out and I picked up the two-year-old. I rea­lise like the boys (Christopher and Kriston) still sleeping despite all the commotion so I woke them up and told them fire! “I told Christopher to hold his brother’s hand so I could pull them out of the house. He watch me and said, ‘Ma, I ’fraid,’ but I tell him hold Kriston hand and don’t let go because the fire was spreading. “I grabbed Christopher’s hand and we made our way outside. But when we reached out, I realise that somewhere in trying to get out, the children let go of each other. “We tried to rush back in but the heat was too much. And by the time the neighbours and the Fire Services arrived, it was too late for Kriston,” Mey­ers recalled with tears in her eyes. She said Christopher received injuries about his entire body and had to be rushed to hospital for treatment. He is currently warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in a stable condition. Kriston, Meyers said, was a special child who loved to play with other children although he could not run very well. She said he was “very bright” des­pite his handicap, and he loved the television shows Spongebob Square­pants and The Regular Show. Superintendent Hinds, acting Inspector Lutchman, Sergeants Alfred and Harper, Constable Mootoo and other officers attached to the Sangre Grande Police Station visited the scene and are continuing investigations. Faulty wiring to blame According to police reports, when fire officers responded and contained the blaze, they discovered Kriston’s body on the lower part of a double-deck bed. Preliminary investigations found the blaze was caused by faulty electrical wiring.

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