TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: South people...this is the police anti-crime plan - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / POLICE have revealed that a special “speed team’ has been set up to target drivers in the Southern Division.

The information was disclosed by South Division Superintendent Yusuff Gaffar in a press briefing on Wednesday.

He also said that for the year so far, 285 drivers have been arrested for drunk driving in the division and DUI exercises will be continuing into the Christmas season.

He said the police officers of the ten police stations and posts in the Southern Division, ”continue to battle daily with the criminal elements, all in a bid to make our part of the country as safe as possible, for all citizens to enjoy”.  

The Southern Division has recovered to date, 179 illegal firearms, he said.

Gaffar said: “This is the most firearms recovered in any one Division for 2017. We will not be relenting in this area, as firearms are the weapons of choice in the committing of violent crimes, including woundings and murders. Officers have been briefed on this fact and will be conducting continuous search and seizure exercises throughout the Division, targeting the seizure of illegal firearms and other criminal activities.  Another success story from these initiatives, is a 39 per cent detection rate in Serious Crimes in the Division.

This achievement reflects on the hardworking, motivated, dedicated and inspired police officers, who are attached to the Southern Division. These officers go beyond what is expected of them, in a bid to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

 For 2017 thus far, there was a 9 per cent reduction in Serious Reported Crimes when compared to the same period in 2016.  Some of the initiatives that we have implemented in the Division for the 2017 Christmas period include; more visible uniformed and plain clothes police officers throughout the Division”.

Gaffar said that law abiding citizens may experience some discomfort in terms of traffic congestion during the execution of police exercises.

“I would like to apologize to you all in advance for any inconvenience you may experience, but it this necessary to make our Division and Trinidad and Tobago a safer place”.  

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: South people…this is the police anti-crime plan

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