TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Roget repeats ‘take your platform and go’ statement - EntornoInteligente / News day / He reiterated his stance yesterday while addressing the May Day march at Harris Promenade in San Fernando.

Roget again blasted the multinational corporation saying it must respect the laws of sovereign Trinidad and Tobago. “If you do not respect our laws, take your platform and go!” he said yesterday.

Addressing trade union members from the Joint Trade Union Movement, following a march from the OWTU headquarters on Circular Road under blistering sunshine, Roget declared the union is not afraid of making bold statements meant to protect the rights of workers and the country’s patrimony.

“It is the workers who turn the wheels of the economy and who face dangers in the various workplaces in order to keep the economy going,” he said. Roget lamented that after all the struggles to become an independent nation and a republic, those in authority, still allow multinational corporations to set the rules of engagement.

Multinational companies abuse TT’s resources and government is not defending the sovereignty of the state. He warned the working class not fall for the claims of big business that, “times are hard and sacrifices must be made” when they (big business) demand more from labour.

“How the hell this country has no money when the banks and big businesses continue to declare huge profits, ” he asked. Roget accused government of failure to protect citizens from criminals and for sending home thousands of workers.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Roget repeats ‘take your platform and go’ statement

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