TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Putting spotlight on inequality* - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / Gary Aboud’s challenge to Ancel Roget’s threat of a boycott of the infamous one per cent is understandable but totally unrealistic. As a crusader for social justice of many years standing, Mr Aboud is fully familiar with the futility of trying to do the things he challenges Roget to do. Mr Roget has been fighting against these very things from the platform of the trade union movement all his life with little success, in the face of vilification from the public, as Mr Aboud is aware, and has been himself doing, to his credit. Every time Mr Roget calls for public action, he is treated to a barrage of angry criticism. His call for a boycott is as a result of the failure of the authorities to act, which leaves social activism as the only recourse. Mr Aboud well knows this. 

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