TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: PSC in parallel universe* - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / IT is simply mind-boggling the ease with which those at the top echelons of the Public Service are willing to keep spinning top in mud while their areas of responsibility collapse under them. It would be bad enough if the Public Service Commission’s two-year failure to bring the probe into the Port of Spain ­prison break to a conclusion were a rare and unexpected case of delay. But it is not. It is exactly what the public has come to expect from the service commissions whose incomprehensible delays make a mockery of even the broadest concept of oversight and management. The tongue-lashing delivered on the PSC by Parliament’s Joint Select Committee on National Security for its snail’s pace in investigating the deadly prison break of two years ago is well deserved. Adding to the disgrace is that fact that the three prison officers who were suspended in the aftermath of the jail-break remain off the job on full pay. 

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