TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Prison officers: No to Masters degree as basis for promotion - EntornoInteligente / News day / Richards is urging President Anthony Carmona to intervene to rein in the service commission which he accused of unconstitutional behaviour.

“On the eve of assessment (for promotion), officers don’t have time to meet these criteria.” At a news conference at their Railway Road, Arouca office on Tuesday, Richards said the service commission, without consultation, had suddenly proposed the superior qualifications as a criterion to amend a list previously agreed to under Prison Service General Order No 22 of 2011.

He vowed to oppose the proposals which, he said, were already causing disenchantment among prison officers.

Richards said many negatives were affecting the service and he wondered if someone was trying to run it down in order to prepare for it to be privatised. “I wonder what’s the real agenda.” General secretary Gerard Gordon urged that prison officers be given their own prison services commission just as there exists a Police Service Commission.

Promotion in the Prison Service Second Division depends on an officer accruing points in several areas including fitness, time spent in preceding rank, special courses, performance appraisal, devotion to duty, knowledge of duty and disciplinary report. However a December 2016 service commission letter proposed to replace the seniority consideration with a special qualification criterion. While the 2011 document said 20 years of service is worth 15 points, the 2016 letter awards those same points by having a Master’s degree. Likewise, to earn 12 points, the old criterion of 15 to 20 years of service is to be replaced by the fact of holding a post graduate diploma, while holding a first degree is worth ten points, compared to nine points at present awarded for 10 to 14 years of service.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Prison officers: No to Masters degree as basis for promotion

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