TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: ‘Pink Ego’ a celebration of women* - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / In case you haven’t observe lately, there are some women right here in T&T accomplishing some great things. This is something to make us ladies feel proud to be women and is well worth celebrating. Women such as these high achievers now have a platform from where they can share their experiences on their road to success, through The Pink Ego, a weekly television series which recently premiered on TV6. The Pink Ego host and creator, Stacy Nurse said the initiative will have a real impact on communities of women in this country. The aim, she said, is to support and shine the spotlight on a movement of women by acknowledging the extraordinary things they do every day. She said it is important for women to have a platform to share their stories and experiences. Every week at the Xanadu Tropical Resort, Nurse, through the weekly TV series provides a comfortable and intimate platform for professional women of Trinidad and Tobago to share their journeys, their triumphs, challenges, inspirations and their future endeavours. 

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