TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Party Trends *in a Wonderland Carnival* - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / Here are just a few fashion trends we highlighted in 2016 that will continue trending into Carnival 2017. The natural beauty of the Trini woman combined with the vast palette of colours, the jewelry, the make-up and the music all blended together make for what is truly the most wonderful experience on the planet, Trinidad Carnival. It is all gloriously sexy, whether you go for the chic, more demure look or the daring urban wear. Everything fits into the Carnival. Even classic, timeless fashion has a place in the festive frolic. CREDITS: PHOTOS: CALVIN FRENCH FASHION: PETER ELIAS, CLD, NOOR, 121 LOCATION MUA: KATRINA LAYDOO HAIR: BALLY

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