TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: No decision on 2016, 2017 taxes - EntornoInteligente / News day / After he said there was absolutely no truth to media reports which claimed officials from his ministry said property taxes would be paid for this year and last year, Imbert explained, “The Property Tax Act was subjected to legislative action by the former government where they waived the implementation of the collection of the tax up to December 31, 2015.” He said the Act is the law and because of the People’s Partnership’s action, “the first year for the collecting of the tax was 2016.” Imbert continued, “In order to make that not happen, this government will have to go to the Parliament and amend the property tax act to allow a waiver for the year 2016.” He told reporters, “That proposition that is outside there, that there is going to be retroactive application of tax is also part of the rumour campaign out there.” Reminding reporters that his ministry is currently engaged in an information gathering exercise as it pertains to the collection of property tax for 2017, Imbert said, “The law must be implemented unless you amend it. I can tell you this government has not taken any such policy decision one way or the other.” He stressed that any decision to waive the property tax payment for 2016 will depend on a number of factors, including the country’s economic circumstances.

“”We are far from that decision,”he reiterated. Imbert reiterated the property tax figures he mentioned at a People’s National Movement (PNM) meeting to underscore that there is equity in the assessment and payment of the tax, contrary to claims made by the Opposition.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: No decision on 2016, 2017 taxes

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