TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Murdered Videsh was placed at secondary school in Arima - EntornoInteligente / News day / Education Minister Anthony Garcia disclosed yesterday that the 13-year-old boy had been assigned to a secondary school near his Malabar hometown.

And while he did not identify the school, Garcia said he would speak to the school’s principal about the type of student Subar was and what his loss meant to the school. He also signalled his intention to visit Subar’s primary school, Ward’s Learning Living Centre, to speak to the student population.

Garcia was speaking to reporters after delivering an address at the Palo Seco Secondary School’s graduation ceremony yesterday.

He said he had not yet visited Subar’s parents although they were practically neighbours as he was not feeling well but promised to do so before the day ended yesterday.

“(We) will give as much assistance as we can whether it is emotional support, counselling, whatever (is needed) we will make it available to the parents.” SE A results are scheduled to be released on Tuesday.

Garcia also identified a faulty sewer system as being the source of ongoing protest action at the Preysal Government Primary School saying the Education Facilities Company Limited EFCL did tests two weeks ago and results showed that while there were no leaks in the sewer tank, the foul stench continued to persist.

“During the July/August vacation we will do a comprehensive review and when school opens in September the problem will not be there any longer,” he said.

And regarding those schools which were under construction and which had not been handed over to the ministry, he said ten schools had been identified and he was hoping that several would be completed in time for the new school term.

Speaking to the graduating class earlier, Garcia applauded them on their theme- “Far from finished”, saying they should take advantage of the many educational opportunities which were available to them as they entered a new phase in their lives.

“Aside from the customary post-secondary and tertiary offerings available, there are technical/ vocational opportunities available through such agencies as MIC, NESC, TTHTI and the National Training Agency,” he said.

“Whatever path you choose, if you take nothing else with you, always carry your integrity.

Never forget the values instilled in you by your school and your families,” he said.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Murdered Videsh was placed at secondary school in Arima

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