TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Murdered businesswoman’s funeral streamed to relatives in China - EntornoInteligente / News day / Despite being miles away, the pain was closer than ever as Zheng’s mother could be heard weeping loudly over the phone at the sight of her daughter’s casket.

Throngs of Santa Cruz residents packed the aisles and spilled out onto the church foyer to pay their final respects to the woman many affectionately referred to as “Jackie Chan”.

Father David Khan lamented that society has become too accustomed to crime and violence and pleaded with mourners to reject evil.

He also told Zheng’s killers that in time they too will receive judgement from God. “Our God is a God of justice and I believe that he has the final say,” Khan said.

“So to the perpetrators of this heinous crime, remember tomorrow is another day. It is sad that we in T&T are getting so familiar with the demons of men.

“To many people, once these demons don’t bother them, they couldn’t be bothered.

“But I say to you today don’t wait for something like this to happen to you for you to take action.” MP for St. Ann’s East Dr Nyan Gadsby- Dolly also attended the funeral and expressed condolences to Zheng’s husband.

She called on members of the community to take a stand against crime and injustice and to be their brother’s keeper in such turbulent times.

Zheng’s husband Peter Tan spoke briefly with Newsday after yesterday’s service and said while he still intends to leave Trinidad, he was touched by the outpouring of support from the community.

Newsday spoke to Cheryl Crosby who said the neighbourhood has been left deeply traumatised by the murder and respected Tan’s decision to return to China with his children.

Neither of Zheng’s two children were present at the funeral.

Newsday understands that Tan has not yet informed them of their mother’s death.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Murdered businesswoman’s funeral streamed to relatives in China

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