TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Murder, suicide mystery - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / Rasheed Khan was shot and killed last Friday night, and by Saturday afternoon, Troy Lane, the suspect in the case, had hanged himself at the police station.

The motive for the killing is unknown to the police and relatives, who said the victim and his suspected killer grew up like brothers.

Khan’s relatives, who spoke with the Express at the Forensic Science Centre on Monday, said that they had since forgiven the man who killed him.

Rasheed Khan, 41 was a PH driver who lived at Eight Avenue in Barataria.

On Friday night he left his home and headed to Caura where he was supposed to meet someone to take them somewhere.

Around 7.20 p.m. he had parked his Nissan AD Wagon along the Caura Main Road near to the Galaxy Gardens neighbourhood.

Police said that around 7.30 p.m. a Nissan Tiida with two men passed alongside Khan’s car. One of the men leaned out the vehicle and opened fire on Khan hitting him three times in the chest.

Police said that officers on patrol in the area heard the gunshots and rushed over to the scene and took Khan to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

While undergoing treatment Khan died at around 9.15 p.m.

An all points bulletin was issued to be on the look-out for the Nissan Tiida and the two men and about 15 minutes after the shooting the suspects were found and detained by the police.

The Police said that on Saturday afternoon, one of the suspects, Troy Lane received a visit from his attorney at the Tunapuna Police Station who informed him that Khan had died.

Police then said that around 5.30p.m. Lane was found hanging in the holding cell of the station and Police explained that he had used his clothing to make a noose. 

Lane’s relatives had no comment.

Khan’s relatives described him as a hard-working man and they were unable to determine why especially a friend would have killed him.

Fareed Khan, Rasheed’s brother said: “We grow up with Troy. What drive Troy and them to kill him, I don’t know and that’s what we trying to come to terms with.”

Fareed also said: “Right now is just tears coming today and we don’t know what taking place because only God alone know why Troy did what he did and only God could judge.”

“So we forgive them, we forgive them because these days why hold hate and grudge. What yuh go do? We we can’t do nothing and we have to leave it in the hands of the law and due process and we will see what come out of this.”

Fareed added: “He (Rasheed) didn’t really mix and meddle. He don’t be in no bacchanal and no quarrel and he had a lil incident with his wife and they had a lil situation.”

Fareed added: “He had lil problems going on but other than that he was a cool fella.”

He said that his brother’s girlfriend at his time of passing is three months pregnant with his child.

He added: “It is very heart-breaking to see what take place and what went on and it is kinda traumatising for us too because we was not expecting this to happen to him knowing the kind of person he was he is not no criminal.”

Fareed continued: “He (Rasheed) was not no killer and he was never arrested for no murdering crime or anything like that.”

Khan’s sister Salisha Rampersad added: “He was just a hard working person. Always quiet, always making you laugh and always talking good positive things.”

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Murder, suicide mystery

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