TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Marvelous Macaws* - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / I have always wondered if I were an animal, what would I be? My answer would definitely be a bird. I want to be able to fly! The beautiful and vibrant Macaws have always stood out for me. They are highly vocal and social, and fill the sky with colours of the rainbow when in flight. What fascinates me is that these birds mate for life. They form bonded pairs and breed only with their mate. Mothers are quite caring and incubate eggs while fathers return with food to the nests. It is the perfect love story. Trinidad is home to several macaw species including our native blue and gold macaw. This species is the highest in demand as a pet. It must be noted that all macaw types including the popular blue and gold, are protected under our local wildlife laws. Permits are required from the Wildlife Section of the Forestry Division to keep macaws in captivity. Failure to obtain such permits can result in persons being fined. In my experience caring for macaws over the years, I have learnt that adequate space is required to house these intelligent birds. Enclosures are to be built according to size specifications from the Forestry Division. 

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