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DR Wayne Kublalsingh, head of the Highway Re-Route Movement (HRM), has submitted recommendations to the government on how citizens can contribute to the economy of the planet.

This follows the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which is calling on civil society and the government to take urgent steps to reform the global economy.

Kublalsingh proposed that the government embark on a horticultural drive to plant forest.

He said the government should bust the destructive internal combustion engine/highway terror trap; to create efficient, low emission, safe, economical mass transit systems.

Kublalsingh also advised that the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) Act should be reformed and build a national inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.

He said, “Get over our tabanca over the oil and gas-based forex economy and genuinely deploy our resources, diversify. Trinidad and Tobago cannot any longer produce gas and oil at globally competitive rates. Rescue the economic, social and ecological infrastructural assets from the destructive Debe to Mon Desir highway; preserving the Oropouche Wetland mangrove, swamps, marshland, hydrology to sink carbon; and obviating the potential astronomical economic cost of mitigation, adaptation and future impacts. Seriously invest in renewables.”

Kublalsingh said the Agreement stated that the greenhouse gas emissions should be a rate of 1.5 to two percent above the planet’s pre-industrial economy.

“It is saying let us emit, not 50 gigatonnes of carbon into the planet’s atmosphere by 2025/2030, but 40 gigatonnes or less. It is saying let us protect and grow our biomass, vegetation, forests, carbon sinks,” he said.

“The Agreement is calling on us to submit to the Paris Secretariat, on or before April 22, 2016, our national contributions, to the reform of the planet’s economy.”

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