TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Kamla: Shake up in UNC coming - EntornoInteligente / News day / “Come September, I want to tell you, I intend to make some changes in our party and in the way we go forward. We will make some changes,” Persad-Bissessar told a large gathering at Ummah T&T’s Eid celebrations at the Felicity Diplomatic Centre on Saturday night.

“You see, if we remain and do things the same way then we will get the same results,” she said.

Persad-Bissessar continued: “So keep hope at this time, when things appear hopeless, that together with our chairman and our national executive we will continue to make changes as we go forward for the development of our country.” Questioned afterwards about the type of changes she intends to implement, Persad-Bissessar smiled and repeated her initial statement that the changes would be visible for all to see come September.

“I intend to make some changes come September and during the course of this period we are working really hard to put structures into place,” she said. “I have already instructed every MP to hold a budget consultation seminar in their constituency. We are also preparing our brief and I intend to meet with stakeholders and then present budget and quotations,” she said.

Pressed further, she said, “Come September you shall see the changes.” Asked whether changes to the party’s national executive (natex) were involved, she said, “well Natex ( National Executive) has an election process, I cannot change that, that will be a process that will be done by the membership of the party.” Asked whether the party was preparing for an early election, she said the only election they are preparing for is the bye election been triggered by the death of Barataria councillor Pernell Bruno. (See Page 11A) “Condolences to that family,” she said, adding, “And we will go on an election footing for that by election.” Ummah TT president Imam Rasheed Karim said that while the Ummah was united, the people themselves were divided. The U mmah is an Arabic word for community or nation. “We should be united in fighting oppression in our country,” Karim said.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Kamla: Shake up in UNC coming

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