TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Hindus mark Raksha Bandhan - EntornoInteligente / News day / Roughly translated, Raksha Bandhan means ‘Bond of Protection’ and is also known as Brother’s Day. It is a day set aside during the month of August when sisters show their appreciation for their brothers by tying the sacred thread known as ‘Rakhi’ on their wrist.

The brother in turn offers his sister a gift of clothes, jewelry or money with a promise to protect her always. Raksha Bandhan was celebrated on Monday with special prayers at Hindu temples across the country. Renuka Brenda Lalchan said the tying of the simple thread conveys a strong message. “These threads carry religious symbolism in that it is tied around the wrist of the brother to ward off any evil around him for the year,” Lalchan said. This event is observed on the full moon day of the Hindu lunar-solar calendar month of Shravana (August).

In the epic story of the Mahabharat, Queen Draupadi ties a rakhi on Lord Krishna before the great war of Kurusetra. This thread was meant for protection against any evil forces.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Hindus mark Raksha Bandhan

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