TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Govt relying on Muslims - EntornoInteligente / News day / He said that already, Muslims are “seeing signs” of this dependency from government. “We have to rise to that challenge. I do hope Ramadan would have provided us with that kind of commitment to carry through for the rest of this Islamic year. I ask you to consider that in all sincerity. I did not come here to offend anyone and if I did, I sincerely apologise,” Mohammed said.

He proposed that to prevent society from further collapse, certain Islamic values should be examined and followed. “I say this in the name of Allah, the only thing that is left for this society to consider before collapsing further is Islamic values,” Mohammed noted.

Mohammed, a former Member of Parliament for Tabaquite, under the NAR administration, is also an attorney.

Addressing the gathering, which comprised mainly of Muslims, Mohammed said that Eid is a time for stock taking for Muslims especially in a time like this when there is so much social upheaval all over the world.

“Look at what is happening here in Trinidad and Tobago. We are numbed, perplexed, confused and yet as a society we pretend that the reality does not exist in our society.

It is reasonable to conclude that the values that we have tried to cultivate over the years and which we have cherished, have not worked the way we would have liked them to work, Mohammed charged.

Mohammed noted that Muslims are plagued with “spiritual diseases” such as back biting, envy, jealousy, hatred to one another and selfishness. To remove those spiritual diseases and purify one’s heart, he/she must perform the five principles of Islam, Mohammed said.

At the dinner, ASJA members celebrated the achievements of Secondary Entrance Assessment (SE A) outstanding students among them Lexi Balchan, 12.

Balchan, formerly of the Point Fortin ASJA Primary School, topped 18,000 other students in this year’s SE A examination.

Mohammed congratulated Bachan and reminisced that 58 years ago, on April 19, 1958, Haji Yacoob Ali handed him his letter of appointment to go and open the Point Fortin ASJA School. Together with other Muslims, Mohammed opened the school which started in a shed that was blocked around with boxing boards from Immortelle trees. He also saluted the late Hamza Mohammed, first principal of that school.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Govt relying on Muslims

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