TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Ghanaian released after 19 months - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / After 19 months, Ghanaian national Musah Ibrahim was released yesterday from the Immigration Detention Centre in Arouca, where he claimed he and other Africans were victims of racism and abuse. Ibrahim?s wife paid a bond of $17,000 to secure his release. However, his deportation to Ghana stands, but his attorney, Farid Scoon, said a legal battle will be waged to keep Ibrahim in this country, where his wife and three-year-old son reside. Scoon claimed politics was at play in the entire situation and that illegal Africans are being rounded up to be sent back to the African continent aboard a private Caribbean Airlines (CAL) flight. He said further that legal action against the State for the abuse Ibrahim suffered whilst at the detention centre was in the cards.”The next step is we have to continue the battle to have him stay here. I resolve this morning that this is a political battle, it is not a legal battle,? said Scoon. He said Ibrahim suffered immensely when he was detained and today he cannot hear properly in one ear. Scoon said that Ibrahim recalled that on July 22 this year, the Caribbean detainees at the detention centre made a lot of noise to protest their incarceration. He said as a result of that, a squad of officers came in and started beating them. Ibrahim claimed he was beaten with a bat or some blunt object and was hit on the head. Scoon said Ibrahim has a busted head, suffered loss of a lot of blood and almost drowned in his own vomit when the incident occurred. He said Ibrahim has an appointment on December 4 to see a specialist and will also seek private medical tests to determine whether he still has a heart condition, which came about after the beating.”We understand that the Government is trying to hire CAL to fly to Lagos (Nigeria) and Accra (Ghana) and are gathering up Africans now at the rate or two or three per day and he (Ibrahim) will be one of them on that plane, presumably unless something happens,? said Scoon. He explained that a habeus corpus application was filed in the court, which argued that Ibrahim was being held under cruel and unusual conditions, and that application was successful, where the judge ruled that Ibrahim could not be held indefinitely. Speaking to the Express by phone, Ibrahim said he does not want to return to Ghana because his wife and child are in Trinidad and he cannot abandon them.”They tried to send me back home and I told them I am not going back home, that my wife and child are here, I don?t want to go and leave my child,? said Ibrahim. He said he was treated badly at the detention centre and alleged that Africans detained there were being abused and victimised. A deportation order was issued against Ibrahim for illegally being in this country since 2009. Previous Article Biche school pupils get gifts

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