TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Frustrating the will of the people - EntornoInteligente / The trinidad Guardian / The promise by Attorney General Anand Ramlogan that his government will bring legislation before the Parliament on campaign finance reform in 2016, with the promise made in the context of a general election due in May 2015, is indicative of the government’s contempt for the population, more so that increasingly, contracts are being awarded to party investors who poured millions into the campaign of the ruling party/ies.  


Effectively, the chief legal adviser to the government and member of the inner circle (cabal) of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet (which means he is articulating her sentiment on the matter) is saying to the population: “Hold on and allow the People’s Partnership (effectively the United National Congress) to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in highly suspicious circumstances to fund the crucial 2015 campaign for re-election. 


“When that is done and we are returned to office, we shall then think about such matters as transparency and accountability in the manner in which political parties receive millions upon millions from large corporations and influential political investors, who like all business corporations spend with returns in mind.”

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