TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Emergency simulation exercise - EntornoInteligente / News day / According to a statement issued by the ANSA McAl Group of Companies (ANSA McAL) yesterday, “this was done with a live simulation exercise at the ACL compound” located at ANSA McAL Industrial Park, Tumpuna Road, South Guanapo.

“The exercise was based on several scenarios such as activating a fire alarm, evacuating the building, as well as an overall response assessment to the emergency fire call.” The emergency response exercise was led by Denis Jones of the Arima Fire Station while ANSA McAL Group HSE manager Nixon Gangoo facilitated the drill alongside Andrus Retoo, HSSE and facilities manager, ANSA Polymer Limited and Leon Ajodha HSSE manager, ANSA Coatings Limited.

“The exercise was a resounding success as it highlighted the effectiveness of the internal emergency response teams as well as build on relationships with the Fire Service, the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management and the Arima Disaster Management Unit,” ANSA McAl said.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Emergency simulation exercise

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