TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Confusion, controversy, corruption rule our land - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express /  I doubt if there is another small country in the world calling itself a democracy with so much internal  political confusion and other controversies.

 We seem to be at the bottom of every type of problem in the world. We have an inefficient and corrupt Police Service, a galloping murder rate, an unstable Government, a long list of masterminds of criminal activities and smartmen, and a very weak population lacking in unity and compassion because of racial division which is encouraged by the doctrines of political parties. We have not yet bred one recognised outstanding statesman of merit to mend all our fences. In fact, we have a large group of citizens still suffering from amnesia, willing to return to past decades, by seeking the return of deadbeats and corrupt past politicians. This just reflects the mentality of some of our citizens. They seem to forget that we have not really achieved anything that has improved our standard of living of the majority of ordinary citizens. Yes, we have new roads that now cost us an arm and a leg to maintain, accompanied by many more rich politicians, contractors and smartmen who have become millionaires because of the kickbacks offered with these large infrastructure projects.  We however, still have a shortage of water to certain areas, bad medical facilities, poor roads and street-lighting, poor educational facilities, more poverty, a lack of care for the environment, a growing generation of potential criminals, and a life of living in fear and a bunch of politicians who are perpetually stabbing each other in the back merely for personal reasons. All the adverse things mentioned above arrived since our Independence just over 50 years ago.  When one considers the amount of money squandered and stolen by citizens of status the future really looks bleak. Boy, you got to laugh, especially when you recall all the promises made by the present and past governments that have never been fulfilled. Boy you got to laugh. G A Marques via e-mail

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