TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Child sex abuse rampant in South, South-West - EntornoInteligente / News day / Statistics also revealed that for all of 2015, 70 children in those divisions were victims of sexual assault in various forms.

Eastern Division recorded 26 cases of sexual assault in 2015 while 24 occurred in Northern Division.

Head of the Victim Support Unit Margaret Sampson-Brown lamented that there are only 14 victim support officers to service all of Trinidad but up until yesterday there was none assigned to Tobago.

She said that she was working feverishly to have more staff, adding that the unit needs double the amount it currently has.

She feels this number of officers is inadequate to service the entire country and believes if she has at least 30 officers they will be able to do an even better job of providing necessary counselling. Newsday understands that the Victim Support Unit of the Police Service has begun counselling for the immediate family of the 13-month-old baby girl who was sexually assaulted in East Trinidad.

Sampson-Brown said that Victim Support Officer Kassim Perez was assigned to the relatives of the baby and the baby’s grandmother has put measures in place to ensure that the baby is monitored round the clock. On Tuesday, the baby along with her mother and grandmother went to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where the baby was again examined and medication prescribed.

The baby’s mother has since moved out of the Biche area since the arrest of her boyfriend and is staying somewhere in the south.

The baby’s grandmother has opted to take full responsibility for the child and although she is traumatised about the incident she is adapting well to the counselling.

Yesterday Sampson-Brown said that attempts will be made to have the mother receive counselling from Dr Antonia Mootoo and other family members who wish to receive counselling will not be denied.

“We want to make a special appeal to persons who are in rural areas that they need to speak out more because there is a system in place to help families and victims, if you see something call and say,” Sampson-Brown said. Yesterday the Child Protection Unit (CPU) of the Police Service began investigations into a report that a 14-yearold primary school student from Mt Pleasant is two months pregnant and living with a 55-year-old man in Bethel, Tobago.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Child sex abuse rampant in South, South-West

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