TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Bickering and golfing while crime runs rampant - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / After a two-year sabbatical, I recently braced myself enough to view the Parliament Channel, which hitherto I viewed solely for comic relief! But, alas, the crime situation has become so distressing that I can find nothing about which to laugh! I sat in amazement and disbelief as I watched the 16th Sitting of the Senate, debating a private motion on the unacceptable level of crime in our country. I quite agree with Wade Mark that the buck must stop with the Minister of National Security. But I beg to go a little further and say that it stops with the Prime Minister who is our Chief Servant and is accountable to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. I was quite taken aback, that after all these years and numerous administrations our parliamentarians as yet cannot conduct themselves in a manner befitting the office they hold. Still, I see so much bickering and talking over each other. Is it any wonder our country is in the state that now exists? It appeared to be more like a barroom scene than a forum at which serious issues are discussed with the aim of finding solutions to the ills that plague our country. I share Senator Ramdeen’s sentiments on Dr Rowley’s message to the British Prime Minister on the fiasco that took place outside that Parliament recently. I think it quite embarrassing, not to mention hypocritical, this outpouring of grief and sympathy on the part of Dr Rowley. Where is his concern for the families and victims of the many murders, rape, robberies and lawlessness that is so rampant in Trinidad and Tobago today? Where is his address to this nation? Why is he not shouldering his responsibility to answer our questions, to put our fears to rest? How could he be so comfortable playing golf in Tobago when the country is literally falling apart before our eyes? Daily our streets are bathed in blood, our children have gone astray, the very fabric of our society is being ripped apart, and yet our Prime Minister plays golf! Will we ever get it right? One day, I pray…. until then……send in the clowns, surely there ought to be clowns……. Cynthia Aaron Maracas, St Joseph

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Bickering and golfing while crime runs rampant

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