TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Better An Intuitive Parent* - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / Dear Marguerite, I have been reading your columns for a very long time. I look forward to them every Sunday. I am a friend of a very troubled grandmother who has two children – a 35-year-old son and a 30-year-old daughter. My husband and I are worried about my friend who is most unhappy about her young ten-year-old granddaughter whose father (her son) and his wife seem oblivious to the fact that something just may be wrong with their pretty daughter. Since this child was born, and started to grow, my friend had been telling her son and daughter-in-law that something is wrong, because the child used to cry a lot and gave a lot of trouble to sleep, could not make eye contact, was withdrawn and in the grandmother’s view, had classic signs of being autistic but neither her daughter-in-law nor her son would heed her when it was suggested that the child be taken to a specialist and checked. As a matter of fact my friend told me that both her son, but especially her daughter-in-law, used bad words to her and she was told to mind her own business I will now fast forward. This little granddaughter has been and is being bullied at schools. She has been to three schools, the one before the last was a well-known private school. 

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