TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Astronomical Society marks 50th anniversary* - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / In 1965, the UWI Extra-Mural Department introduced classes in Astronomy tutored by astronomer Dr Maura P Imbert. Upon completion of these classes the idea was born to establish a Society in Trinidad dedicated to astronomy. Class participants and the head of the Extra-Mural Department, Mr Esmond Ramesar, formed the first management committee under the chairmanship of photographer and radiology specialist Dr Russel Barrow. The University of the West Indies graciously permitted accommodation for meetings which continues to this day. The management committee held its first official meeting of the Trinidad and Tobago Astronomical Society (TTAS) in January, 1966 while the first general meeting was held in March of the same year. The UWI Extra-Mural Department provided the first telescope, a 312mm reflector, housed on the rooftop of the then Crop Sciences building. Astro News, the official publication of the Society, was first published in February, 1967 with Fr Benedict, a monk and scientist, as its first editor. The Society’s observatory, the Barrow-Imbert Observatory, is located on the hills at Mt St Benedict.

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