TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: ASJA girls take a stand - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / PUPILS of ASJA Girls’ College, Charlieville, took to the streets of their Chaguanas community in a united stand against human trafficking recently.

The Muslim college staged its biennial 5k mini-marathon in direct response to the recent spate of disappearances of women and increasing reports of violence against women in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Human trafficking is a human tragedy; it is an outrage against any decent people. We all need to do our part to stay safe and free. Be our neighbour’s keeper and let’s take back our beloved country,” said the college in a statement.

The marathon saw all four houses from the college, Kauthar, Baariq, Tasneem and Salsabeel, participating in the awareness run.

The four houses are the four rivers in Jamahl, according to Muslim faith.

Pupils also had their family members and other community members come out in full support of the initiative.

“We are an all-girl school so many of the pupils identified with all the different stories of young girls being kidnapped and all the horror stories you hear about. It really hit close to home hearing about children their own age,” said ASJA Art teacher Usha Pollucksingh.

The college believes too many nationals tend to think of human trafficking as a “foreign issue” while the reality is it is happening “right here in our backyard”.

Pupils read from a script on a loudspeaker along the marathon route, saying: “Human trafficking is a fast- growing problem with no real defined demographic. Imagine having all of your freedoms taken away, being forced to work against your will and constantly living under the threat of violence, sadly this is a reality that occurs right under our noses.”

ASJA head girl Netanya Sullivan said the college plans to continue to raise awareness of human trafficking and other societal ills throughout the school year in a continued effort to have its girls involved in helping to find solutions to real world problems.

“I’m glad my school decided to this year bring awareness of human trafficking to our community and by extension our country. Women, children and men are disappearing. We are all at risk and walking today is my contribution,” Sullivan concluded.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: ASJA girls take a stand

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