TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Armoured vehicles won?t stop murder spree - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express /  Which one of us is brave and bold enough to point out to our Sandhurst-trained Minister of National Security that the gangsters in Laventille and other so-called hotspots will continue to kill each other regardless of which government is in power and how many armoured vehicles may be out on patrol? Their little mini wars are “personal”—absolutely nothing to do with the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition. 

Our security agencies have to prevent the proliferation of drugs and guns which they fight over. Has the minister been able to do that or is the Government bringing in more attractive weapons for them (the gangster element) to drool over?  What is the Minister of National Security and the police administration doing about the worrisome evidence of human trafficking occurring in Central and South Trinidad where females from Colombia and other parts of the Caribbean Basin are being exploited in nightclubs?   Who is really patrolling the borders where illegal aliens and drugs are being infiltrated into Trinidad and Tobago? The minister is prepared to spend billions of taxpayers’ dollars to ensure no officer will be killed in the line of duty. If a hand grenade is thrown, will National Security be ready?   One hand grenade in Laventille will kill off significant numbers of innocent citizens.  Yesterday, both US President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin were preparing to deploy their troops to quell infractions in their particular wars. With whom are we at war? How many citizens will be killed to ensure no single soldier or policeman is murdered? Has the “Reshmi Ramnarine effect” also consumed National Security as it did the image of the Government with the LifeSport programme?   In this Hollywood/Bollywood movie that is politics in Trinidad and Tobago I say that as far as the taxpayers are concerned this Government continues to display behaviour that enhances the perception that they are totally unaware that they do not know how to govern a small-island economy.   Lynette Joseph via e-mail

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