TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Are we really that stupid?* - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) leader Ancel Roget surely believes 99 per cent of our citizens are downright stupid. How else can he watch citizens straight in their faces and tell them to put themselves in the most inconvenient position in their pursuit to acquire basic services, even with their already limited income by boycotting the suppliers of these very services? For the sake of clarity, let me say up front that I’m a retired public servant of mixed descent (dougla). In other words, yuh average Trini. When you say we must spend our money “elsewhere”, exactly where is elsewhere, Mr JTUM Leader? The leadership of your organi­sation and the executives of its associated unions can be easily branded as today’s contemporary slavemasters because for decades you and those before you have had bands of workers marching up and down the streets behind you, purporting to be struggling for the rights of workers, while there were absolutely no plans for the foreseeable future to commercially uplift this mass (by your own admission) of consumers. 

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