TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Are immigrants good for a country? * - EntornoInteligente / Trinidad Express / This question is very topical as the increased presence of Venezuelans has brought the topic into focus. We have also experienced the presence of the Chinese construction companies, introduced by former prime minster Manning some ten to 12 years ago, so by extension there are Chinese now part of the landscape. We have seen many Jamaicans working on construction sites as Jamaica underwent its financial challenges and the advent of Nigerians, (and other Africans) as security personnel. One can savour a tasty gyro in Ariapita Avenue, Port of Spain, served by persons with a very strong Arabic accent!

The natural sentiment of Trinidadians is that our jobs are being taken away from us. The question I wish to ask is “Is that really so?” “Are immigrants taking bread out of our mouths?”

Being the first generation of Chinese immigrants over 67 years ago, I wish to share my observations and experiences so that as a country we can discuss this topic which is not unique as many countries grapple with it. We in Trinidad and Tobago are now being faced with the influx of foreigners into our motherland. As a side comment, I ask “Is Trinidad and Tobago that bad, since we have people from other countries wanting to settle here?”


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