TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Abused boys rescued - EntornoInteligente / News day / Newsday understands that on Thursday, Desiree Cupidore of Circular Drive, Crown Trace, Enterprise was at her home when she observed a nine-year-old boy with a hoe and shovel standing in the backyard of his house trying to weed the grass while weeping.

Cupidore, herself a mother of a two-month-old baby enquired of the boy why he was not in school and why was he crying. The boy told Cupidore, “If I don’t clean the yard before (name called) comes back, I will get plenty licks.”

He then proceeded to show Cupidore his hands, back and other parts of his body which contained welts, bruises and a large gash on his back from beatings with a belt buckle. The discourse was recorded with a cellphone and later uploaded to social media websites, where it has gone viral.

Cupidore told Newsday yesterday that she was horrified on seeing the child’s injuries hence her reason for recording video footage and uploading same to social media.

She said two officers arrived in a police vehicle and took away the boy and his mother.

Cupidore said she was shocked when a half hour later, police returned and dropped off the boy and his mother. She said the woman began to verbally abuse the boy as she pushed him into his home.

Cupidore said that police returned yesterday and took away the boy and his seven-year-old brother and detained their mother and father. Cupidore said that she was heartened to know that the police were doing the right thing and is hoping that the children are now protected from any further abuse.

Yesterday, the TT Police Service issued a press release which stated a couple is assisting Central Division Police in their investigation into child abuse allegations. The couple is accused of abusing two boys, aged seven and nine, one of whom was featured in a video that has been circulating on social media and subsequently reported by the media.

The young boys have been removed from the custody of their mother and stepfather and are to be medically examined and assessed by Social Welfare Officers. Officers of the Victim and Witness Support Unit of the TTPS are also involved in the case.

Snr Supt Johnny Abraham, of the Central Division, has launched an internal investigation into the circumstances which led to the boy (the nine-year-old) being returned to his home following the initial report made by Cupidore.

Also yesterday, Gender, Youth and Child Development Minister Clifton de Coteau expressed his shock and horror on seeing the video. “I was totally appalled and saddened by the disturbing circumstances and from the moment I was alerted, I informed as is protocol, the Director of National Family Services, who subsequently assigned an officer to conduct an investigation.

“I have been informed that both the Division of National Family Services and the Victim Support Officer interviewed the mother and her two children at the Chaguanas Police Station. The children were then taken by Police to the District Medical Officer (DMO) for medical examination. At this juncture it is felt that the children are at risk and so a community residence is currently being sourced. Counselling is also being provided to the mother,” De Coteau said in a press release.

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