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THE Hasely Crawford stadium came alive on Saturday night as the six bands in the Tribe family showcased their costumes and concepts for Carnival 2020. Costumes popping out on stage from Tribe, Bliss, The Lost Tribe, Harts, Rogue and Pure kept the crowd wailing with excitement from start to finish.

The themes on display included: Legends of the Far East from Tribe; Nectar presented by Bliss; Anansi from The Lost Tribe; Metanoia by Harts; I am Bada– from Rogue; and Ascension: Rise of the Elements put on by Pure. Based on evidence on social media and comments from those who attended, the event was yet another successful and high-energy teaser to whet the appetite of masqueraders for Carnival 2020.

Look out for full the feature article on the Tribe: Festival of the bands 2019 later this week.


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