Transportation of mails to and from Dominica

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The General Post Office in Roseau LIAT has been the primary carrier of mail to and from Dominica.  With LIAT going under Administrative Management coupled with COVID-19, mail services into and out of Dominica has been curtailed for two years.

We regret that very much, considering the reliance by small business enterprises for the export of their products, and the use of the post by the average Dominican public in obtaining pension payments, medication and other necessities from abroad. Transportation of mail into and out of Dominica is experiencing a major blow since the Postal Services does not have its own form of transportation.

We are in dialogue with at least two carriers, who traverse Dominica and the rest of the regional route and who could provide us with transportation. The Postal service is working closely with them in the hope of arriving at a solution to the resumption of mail services with Dominica and the rest of the world.

At present only mail from the United States of America is received on a somewhat consistent basis. We receive mail from the USA by sea via St. Martin. However, the outbound cannot be reciprocated because our volumes are too small to fill a container.  

We are working and hope that the situation can be rectified soon.  



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