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The day-long search for a man, who many in the neighborhood thought was simply sleeping off drinks from the night before, ended with the discovery of his body in an abandoned house in his stomping ground at Amity Lodge, Rendezvous Christ Church.

This afternoon police were called in after the body of Richard ‘Richie’ Rollins was discovered by his cousin David Forde. Police have not indicated if foul play is suspected.

Richard ‘Richie’ Rollins However according to Forde, during his inquiries about the whereabouts of his cousin, who is accustomed to washing his taxi at the crack of dawn, he learnt that Rollins was vomiting profusely after drinking at a neighborhood shop last night.

“About 6:30 a.m. I notice I didn’t hear the dogs bark or the usual knock on my window. I called the shop he usually limes by and they told me that they haven’t seen him for the morning, I left home and proceeded to do what I had to do. On my way back home, I stopped by another taxi guy, whose car he [Rollins] washes, and he hadn’t seen him either. I made a stop by the shop and they told me that he was vomiting last night and that the vomit was pink. So, I told myself the only place he could be is in the house here and then I found my cousin on the ground laying down,” he explained.

Rollins, who made his livelihood washing cars, had two adult children. The deceased was described by several of the persons who he came in contact with on a daily basis in the community, as a helpful, fun-loving person. He was also a fixture at the community gym, washing cars and running errands for ladies, who worked out on mornings.

“I am going to miss my cousin real bad because anything that anybody in the neighborhood want, he would go and get it for them. He never used to fuss up or fret. He was a very kind person, even though when he drinks he might tell you a few words, he never meant anything by it,” said Forde.

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